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About Therma-Chem

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We are a globally operating Scottish company specialised in the production and application of unique chemical technology products. Used for online cleaning of boilers and process heaters within power plants and refineries, our products improve efficiency, increase capacity, reduce emissions and allow for a high return-on-investment.

Our specialist technology can also be applied online to rotating equipment including expanders, gas turbines and turbo chargers to remove and prevent the formation of deposits and prevent corrosion of blades and other stationary components.

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Prevent corrosion of gas turbine blades and vanes

High temperature corrosion of gas turbine blades and vanes can be prevented by using Therma-Chem’s online cleaning technology which neutralises corrosive substances including vanadium and sulphur.

Therma-Chem Global Network

Therma-Chem operates across the world and has a presence in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Our global reach ensures that our team is always available to support clients and be on the ground at short notice.